October 15, 2010

le blocus!

wow. so today might have been the most interesting school day I have ever had---- the strike going on is getting more and more serious and now the students are starting to participate too! I think i already told you guys the reason for the strike so I won't get into that again, but it is seriously the craziest thing I have experienced... So today the school had un blocus (blockade) from 10am until the end of school (I think), making it so that students couldn't leave or enter the school. I'm not exactly sure what the point was, but I think it was so that the students didn't start rioting in the streets- however it didn't do much good... haha I'll walk you through my day. So first I went to school and everything was normal. Then at 10am all the students have a break where they normally go outside to smoke, but because of the blockus this wasn't allowed, thus the reasoning for all hell breaking loose haha. Students were trying to push past the blockade, others were trying to find other ways out of the school and then most just started smoking right where they were haha. It was crazy- but it gets better.... After the break I have my calligraphie class at the other high school that is right next door to Bachelard and I get to it by going through the infirmerie. I was still able to go, but it was pointless because my prof was absent. So since I had two hours to waste I decided to go to Carrefore to eat some lunch and kill some time. I had to sneak out of the high school because it had a blockade too. There was a little opening in the front entryway that I saw someone walk through so I just acted like I knew what I was doing and I used it too. haha when I got out I heard all this screaming and then this huge mob of kids came running down the street with blow horns and they were all chanting something about Sarkozy. When they got to the front of the school they started climbing on the fence that was blocking the entry of the school and standing on the shopping carts that were also being used to block the entry. It was sooo crazy- I couldn't stop laughing because I had never experienced something like this before. After watching for awhile I went to Carrefore to eat and then while I was wandering around the store two of the workers sprinted to the entry of the store and said press the button to close the doors!!!! I had no idea what was going on but I did know that I didnt want to be locked in a store so I hurried out and noticed that all the stores in the mall were closing their doors in panick. It was like there was a terrorist or someone with a gun running around-the way everyone was acting. I asked a lady what was going on and she said there were hooligans rioting outside and trying to get in. hahahaha. I couldn't believe this. But it was true. If any of you have seen the movie Mean Girls it was like the part where all the teenagers acted like animals haha. Seriously. Luckily, the guy guarding the door let me out so I wasnt stuck there all day, but when I went back to Bachelard for my history class there was still a blockade so I couldn't get back in. Craziness. I also heard that the police had to break up the mob I saw earlier. And these riots and strikes and protests are happening all over the country!!! people are blocking the streets so cars can't drive. Patrice told me the same thing happened at Orly Airport today too! hahaha It was seriously the craziest thing ever.
but the rest of my day was calm :) Isabelle and Patrice took me to a yarn store! they didn't have a lot of selection and it was pretty expensive, but I still found some I like so I started knitting a scarf tonight :) and tomorrow- disneyland!!!!!
well, goodnight all! haha I'll let you know if any other crazy French riots occur ;)

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  1. Geez Emily that is crazy! Glad you are safe. Sounds pretty harmless but unsettling nonetheless! I am also happy you kept your cool. Weird how people react to things like that.

    luv you tons!