October 6, 2010

so, school was pretty much the same as usual. I can definitely tell that i am able to understand more in my classes, but still not everything (or even close to everything...) but that will come with time. :) Today I had History in English, Economics and Math---
i am actually learning quite a bit in my history class, well mostly that Im pretty sure the French teens know more about American history than most American students which is kind of sad.
Oh and since i only have a half day today i had lunch at my 2nd host family's house since they live close to the school and after both Milton and I rock climb. It was a really nice lunch- beet and carrot salad, steak, potatoes, bread and fruit for dessert :) yumyum. Lunch is a major difference between the USA and France because here it is a really important meal and is always a "sit-down together" occasion wherein the USA a lot of the time its a "make it yourself" meal haha. Also, in France lunch food is usually what in the USA we would consider food for dinner haha :) and of course- lunch is almost always followed by dessert here which isnt the case in the US.... but im definitely not complaining about that ;)
but anyway--- lunch was really fun and yummy, and rockclimbing went well too, a little tiring but not too bad ;) i like it a lot.
Then the rest of the day I packed and stuff for Mont St. Michel! I'm leaving tomorrow afterschool and going to be gone until Sunday- its a trip for all the Rotary students in my district and the district next to us. Im really excited! Oh but to all my faithful readers, i won't have my laptop so don't be expecting entries for a few days ;)
well, au revoir!


  1. Have fun my Emily! Can't wait to hear about your weekend. Ashley and Megan have a 4 day weekend this week. And a BSU game on Sat. Not alot going on but its becoming fall weather here. Yahooooo ! I'm ready. Got my fire on today.

    Love you soooooooooooooooooo much. xoxoox Auntie Jen

  2. What a treat! We returned last night from Italy and I treated myself today to get caught up on your activities. It is sooo fun to read about all your days. I'm soo happy you are settled in and feeling comfortable with being there. IT was a real treat to get caught up with you....I miss you and love you LOTS. Gramma