October 14, 2010


j'ai mal a la gorge aujourd'hui parce que j'ai pratiqué le "R" francais avec mes amis au lycée haha. (I have a sore throat today because at school I practiced the french way to say "r" with my friends). It was pretty funny, but im making a little progress I think... baby steps :) They told me I was sooo much better at french in general that I was at the beginning so thats good. Its nice to hear that because most days I feel like I haven't made any progress.
Today was a really good day. I was especially happy for no reason inparticuliar. :) I have so much to be grateful for.
Oh so I got invited to a soirée (party) this saturday by some girls from my school. I can't go because I have a karaoke/moules et frites soirée avec Rotary the same night, but I was just excited that I got invited :) Its too bad that they are on same night, but its okay because I'm sure the Rotary event will be fun!!! Speaking of this weekend--- guess who gets to go to Euro Disney again for FREE?! this girl :) This weekend two exchanges students (one from Ecuador and one from New Zealand) on exchange in Belgium are coming to Chelles and so our Rotary club is having the party that night for them and taking them to Disneyland during the day so I get to tag along! woot woot. life is good :) im so lucky. Thank you, Rotary!
Anyway today school started at 12 :) i love thursdays. English class went well, my teacher asked me to read again which is always fun. Then I had sports class which I couldn't participate in today because of my stitches, but it was fine- I just wrote in my journal :) I need to buy a new one soon. I've almost filled it up. After that I had history... still hard for me to follow along. and then I got to come home :) After school I rode my bike around Vaires. Its really starting to feel like fall :) Its pretty. I love this time of year...
grosses bisous,


  1. what a great day Emily! so fun to hear all you are doing and learning!

  2. Hi Emily - Today is Friday in little Boise, Idaho. The girls are at school and Toby and I are deciding what project to accomplish. It's a beautiful fall day here. Sounds like your weather is changing too. We bought a new car - a Volvo CrossCountry so now Ashley has the bmmrrr to drive. She is very happy about that. Ashley has PSAT tomorrow morn. Uncle Steve just completed a mortgage exam that was pretty hard and got a 91. (He wanted 100 tho.:)) My perfectionist hubby....

    Well, I'm still your faithful follower. I read all your posts first because they are so interesting. I'm glad that are loving it. I often wonder if my 18 year old self would have been able to handle it and I hope to think I could have. I'm always impressed and motivated by you Em. You are a wonderful girl and I'm proud to call you my niece. LOVE YOU! Auntie Jen xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox