October 20, 2010


well first off I would like to tell everyone not to worry! It's not as bad as it sounds here. I am perfectly safe and it seems to be settling down a bit in France. here are a few photos from the riot at my school--- keep in mind what i said before about me being perfectly safe ;) It looks a lot worse than it actually is, but i still think i should show some pictures because it will be an interesting event for me to remember about my french exchange!

Yesterday I stayed home because Patrice and Isabelle didn't want to risk me being in the riot. haha but i didn't mind staying home :) That afternoon Patrice heard that it was calm at the school so I decided to try to go to my french class at least, but when we got there it was like a ghost town. there were only 4 or so students walking around and then the high school next door where my french class is was completely closed. It was so weird for me to see. Also, around the school we saw the aftermath of Monday's events. It was sad! We saw the car that was completely destroyed by the fire and there was broken glass everywhere from the kids breaking the waiting areas for the bus stops.... sad stuff.
Oh and then today the school was completely canceled and theres a possibility that it will be like closed the rest of the week. Fall vacation starts next week so everyone is hoping that things will calm down after the break. I'm kind of bummed because my rock climbing club's trip to Fountainebleu was canceled today because school's closed. Oh well, I'm sure there will be other times. . .
Ahh I was so scared last night because my computer got a virus!!!! I thought I was going to loose all my documents and photos and music! I was terrified, but luckily after lots and lots of work and time I was able to get rid of it. Thank goodness. My host family was very nice and comforting when I was freaking out so that was nice :)
Also, yesterday I made another batch of cookies. I think these ones are better than the other ones so thats good. I'm also getting my stitches out today! woot woot :)
oh so I had this rotary thing yesterday and I felt so bad because at the end of the presentation the president of my Rotary club turned to me and said something in English, but at first I didn't realize he was speaking English so I said "Pardon?" and then when he repeated I still didn't understand what he was saying.... Everyone was laughing and saying "Tu comprends mieux en francais que l'anglais!" (You understand better in French than English!) so then at least i understood he was speaking english so I asked him to repeat it again, but I still didn't catch it-- finally a french student (who just got back from an exchange to Canada) said it for me.the whole time he was saying "That's all folks!" I felt so bad that I couldn't understand him... I thought he was saying something about a fox....This always happens to me!
Seriously don't worry :D I'm fine!
grosses bisous,

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  1. Hi Em - Glad it sounds worse than it is. Maybe you could put all your pics on Picassa or something for a backup? Just a little idea your smart aunt had.

    I just had a huge virus and they couldn't fix it but luckily I had backed up my pics on a external drive. Then they had to wipe my computer out and start over. So i'm hearing what your saying. Not fun.

    Anyway, thanks for all the updates. Sounds like you might be getting alot of knitting done if theres not school. Fun! and Cozy.

    xoxox Love your favorite aunt in the whole world. Right Amy, Pam and Karlene?