October 17, 2010

disney/moules et frites

today was a big day and I am extremely tired! I went to disneyland again today :) ahh i love it. It was a little cold, but disney is disney so its always worth it (and especially when its free haha). I went with Milton and then two other girls that are foreign exchange student in Belgium so our Rotary clubs paid for it. Awesome!!!!! It was really fun- I got to see this really neat stunt show and some other characters and I finally got to ride Indiana Jones! every other time I have tried it broke when I was almost at the front of the line.
But anyway after Disney we had a Rotary soirée where we had moules, frites et bière de belge (mussels, fries, and belgium beer) and sang karaoke. I sang the YMCA :) I was really tired, but I still enjoyed the night.
welp, i need sleep.
grosses bisous,


  1. Oh how fun Emily! Glad you had a nice time! Love the pictures. What a nice life in France you have.