November 1, 2010

sleep :)

The soiree in Paris last night was pretty fun. It was in this latin restaurant that changed into a karaoke bar/discotheque at night. It was all latin music so I was experiencing some major language conversion... hearing spanish, speaking french, and thinking in english. It was very tiring !!!! plus it got over really late (well, i guess really early the next day haha) so I was in desperate need of sleep to help my brain sort through the language confusion. All I could think about was the clean sheets I had just put on my bed :) im so lame...But I have really come to realize how important sleep is and especially for an exchange student. My brain is working in overtime throughout the entire day, so sleep is necessary for rejuvination ha. but I am happy that I hang out with some of my friends from school, I think it was good for me even if it was really fatigant. Anyway, today I didn't do anything too productive since I slept half the day... I went on a nice bike ride and watched the 2nd Harry Potter in French :) I really like watching movies in French because I find that I am able to understand a lot more that au debut! Its a good way for me to test my progress. Well, all this talk about sleep is making me tired :)

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