November 16, 2010


today after school i took on the task of converting all the Thanksgiving recipes into grams since that is what the French use to cook. It was a little difficult keeping it all straight but I am fairly sure I did it all right (at least i hope since if not the meal will be ruined haha) Tomorrow i need to go through the kitchen and make a list of everything i need. Thanksgiving is a big project! I have a new-found respect for everyone who has made it. (Thank you Gramma for making it for my family all these years! ) Its kind of fun to have as a project though. Anyway, school is going well. Still don't like waking up early, but who does? I have two tests tomorrow- one is history anglais and one in math... The two subjects that I will be expected to do well in! the pressure's on. I have no idea what to expect from the history controle and history is not my favorite or best subject so it should be interesting. And math i hope i can understand the questions! if not- oh well :D how i love being able to say that... "Oh test today? i'll try my best and if i fail- oh well!" Its nice to not have the stress of school this year since last year was brutal! Last year I had so much homework that this year was MUCH needed. Sorry I dont have any exciting stories today haha- just another regular day in France :)



  1. Hi Em! I'm so excited for you to make Thanksgiving. Will you be sure to tell us exactly what you made? You are already becoming domestic and at 18! LOL.

    I'm glad your day was regular. It makes me feel a "little" better sitting here in Boise!

    Even though I'm not posting alot these days (I'm trying to be better about the computer) I still read you every day you post. It makes my day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoo Auntie Jen

  2. You think last year was brutal...try college. :) Also, why are you making Thanksgiving dinner...assuming they don't have it there (obvi) but are you just doing it for fun?
    Also, glad you like the blog. Yes you can be a guest writer :)

  3. so proud of you Emily for getting out of your comfort zone and trying to do something as cool as make Thanksgiving dinner in France!