November 10, 2010

yay half days :)

i just love half days. and i love how 3 out of my 5 school days are half days :) thank goodness.
today, my class took a class photo which i thought was funny. it reminded me of being in elementary school again, but i guess it makes sense since we are with the same group in all our classes. my class is goofy so we all wore hats and glasses for our picture. Everyone was sooo excited to dress up for the picture and they thought it was soooo funny that they were wearing hats and glasses. I couldn't help but think about all the dress-up days we have in the high schools in the US. The French students would go crazy seeing the different outfits if they think that wearing hats and glasses is pushing the limit. :D
anyway, in other news- I raised my hand and explained a whole math problem today during class! i was soo proud of myself :) and everyone understood me too! i think that shows some progress. I feel so smart in my math class because we are doing the same thing i did in calculus last year and so i'm the only one that understands it. everyone asks me for help. i love it. One thing that i think is sad about the math classes here is that they aren't based on level. Everyone takes the same classes and at the same pace. I think that would be really hard for the students, especially because they are so fastpaced here that if you get something down you will be lost for all the years to come. its too bad... a lot of the students are struggling right now because they are trying to cram in so much before the bac. i feel bad for them!
rock climbing went well today. I learned how to repel all by myself which was cool. well, thats about it! :)

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