November 2, 2010


not much news to report today... haha didn't have a very productive day, but i enjoyed it all the same :) I was home alone so I just kind of lounged around. Well, I went on a run and went to the post office, so at least I did a few productive things! :) other than that my day was filled with Harry Potter movies. haha. I'm such a nerd, but i love them. I can't wait until my french gets to the point where I can read all the harry potter books without having to look up every word!
anyway, sorry for the short post---
grosses bisous♥

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  1. Hi Em - While you were lounging your mom and I were doing our first "official" Refresh job. It was fun and rewarding to see the outcome. Glad you are doing great and when does school start again? Next week?

    Love you tons. Have you scoped out Cath Kidston yet? Ha ha. xoxooxoxoxoxo A. J.