November 3, 2010

Paris, je t'aime♥

Spent the afternoon in Paris today with some of my favorite girls :) 4 other exchange students. I love them and I love how I can just pop on over to Paris when I want! its amazing. I have to stop sometimes to soak in the fact that I am actually in Paris and actually living in France. I find myself getting into such a routine here that I occasionally forget that I am here! But when I do take a moment or two to really realize how lucky I am, it just floors me. I'm very very grateful. And I feel like a true big-city girl when I just walk through the metro stations knowing exactly where i'm going and using year long card instead of tickets :) its so fun... Life is never boring when you have Paris pretty much in your backyard.
Paris, je t'aime ♥

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  1. knowing exactly where i'm going.. yeah right emily.. :D:D no i'm kidding ah i love your blog! isn't it unfair that i can read your blog but you can't read mine? :)<3