November 23, 2010

Raiponce ♥

I just got home from the movie theater where I saw "Raiponce" (english title "Tangled"). It was Disney's take on the story of Rapunzel and it was soooo cute :) Disney movies make me so happy. Plus, I understood ALL of it!!!! well, not all the songs, but everything else! I was sooooooo happy!
School was okay today- in my French class we had a photographer come in and show us some of the work he has done. It was really cool. (Katie, I wish you could have been there- you would have been inspired!) One project he did involved taking black and white really close up and personal photographs on all the his family members. They were really raw photos but I loved them. The people weren't trying to be beautiful- and thats what made the photos beautiful. It showed all their imperfections and all the details of the face. And then next to the portrait he put a picture of them as a child which was cool to see side by side. It was really neat. I want his camera...
Anyway, thats my day :)--- need sleep because tomorrow im going thanksgiving shopping!!!


  1. Bonsoir Emily,
    Je suis d'accord avec toi, Raiponce est so cute ^_^

  2. Yep, its that time. I bought potatoes and spice drops for the kids to make the turkeys. Remember them? Toothpicks, smallish potatoes, spice drops, and orange slices.
    I'll be thinking of you. I hope the meal is yummy and you are proud of your efforts.....
    Something to be thankful for!!!!