November 13, 2010


For dinner today, the Lasserre's had a couple over and we ate a dish called Raclette. it was soo yummy (here i go again talking about food on my blog...) How it works is there is a stove type thing in the middle of the table and everyone has an individual dish of cheese that they heat up on the stove thingy. (sorry hard to explain...) the when the cheese is soft and melted you pour it over potatoes and meat. delicious :)
Also, for lunch- my friends and I found this americanized french restaurant in Paris (i know you are all thinking why would i want to eat in an americanized restaurant, but after living in a new country for almost 3 months you would understand haha) anyway, I had this delicious chili dog and then we all split a huge dessert- there were 2 cookies, a brownie, and a slice of apple pie all topped with whipped cream and chocolate sauce. It was perfect :) expect we devoured it in under 2 minutes.... hahahaha we're terrible.
I can't believe how much i talk about food on here... hah i should probably stop that...
anyway, im off to bed---

oh p.s. in one of my earlier posts i mentioned a saying from a commericial that my friends just loved having me say--- here is the link to the commercial... (you can hear his extremely thick american accent.... which supposedly i also have... damn. )

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  1. that is so funny about the american accent Em! At least you can laugh at yourself!