November 6, 2010

La Comédie-Française♥

I just got home from watching L'Avare by Molière at La Comédie-Française. It was so amazing :) I didn't understand very much of the dialogue since it was in older French, but luckily I had researched the storyline before I went and I was able to follow along fairly well :) Also, the actors were very animated so that was very helpful and entertaining. I just love going to the theater, no matter what! It was very nice of my host family to take me. It was especially fun going to see a Molière piece after performing Tartuffe last year, except it made me miss it a lot haha. I want to try to find a theater showing Tartuffe this year so that I can watch it in French! I think that would be so fun :) Also, I would be able to do some comparisions--even though our production would blow theirs out of the water haha ;). Also, and added bonus to going to the theater was seeing Paris all light (is that the right spelling? it doesn't right...) up at night! It was magical... Le Louvre, Notre Dame, La Tour Eiffel, and Le Champs-Elysees all alluminated. Ah i loved it. :)
On another note--- school started back up yesterday (unfortunetly...) and everything has calmed down... there was some talk about another blockade, but it doesn't look likely at all so don't worry about me! The vacation was good for France.
Also, its a good thing that i have yahoo news up everytime i check my e-mail so that i can stay a little bit updated on the news because i got asked several times by kids at my school what i thought about the outcome of the US elections on Tuesday. I was so surprised that everyone here knew about the elections! I was sooo relieved that I had actually read about the elections and the outcome when I got asked about them. It was a good reminder that I should stay up to date on current events...
Anyway--- its pretty late and my brain is worn out from trying to understand Moliere's language haha :)
grosses bisous!

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