November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving in France

"Thanksgiving, c'est un truc bizarre que les américains font pour Noel...?"

I heard this quote on the TV here the other day. It was some young French girl's response to what she thought Thanksgiving was. ("Its a weird thing the Americans do for Christmas") i loved it. Well, i know you are all dying to know if I, previously known as the worst cook in the world, was able to pull off a Thanksgiving dinner for my French families and the answer is YES!!!! i did it!!! i am so proud of myself :) And the food was surprisingly good! (Shout-out to Gramma Net for all her help!) I made a few things in advance like the pies and such, but then the rest I made that afternoon with Solene (my 2nd host sister). It was a lot of fun actually. We ate the dinner that night instead of in the afternoon which gave me a lot of time so I wasn't stressed at all. It was so cool to be able to share this little piece of my culture with my new families here. And i think they enjoyed learning exactly what Thanksgiving is.

and at the end of the meal everyone gave me a "Diplome de la Meilleure Cuisinere" where they had each written a little thank you message to me. It was so nice :) I'm so glad I was able to bring Thanksgiving to France : )



  1. I am sooo proud! Napkins, flags, gravy and all. Did they like it? Your turkey looks perfect. Nice and browned. Now, next year you'll have to cook with me!
    Another successful talent to add to your vast list.

  2. Sooooo fun Emilyyyyyyyyyyyyyy You did it. Very Very Proud of you. You are going to be just like your mom and Grammas - talented cooks!

    Love you tons. Auntie Jen

  3. Excellent Em! I am very proud of you. It all looked perfect. Your host families will never forget this.

  4. Emily ... Looking at your thanksgiving dinner made me salivate all over again. The dishes look scrumptious and rivaled Grandma's glorious dinner, I bet. Well done. As Grandma indicated in her post on this fine performance, she will be expecting some "heavy lifting" from you on next year's T.G. dinner. You master chef's have great traditions to uphold, I'm afraid. Lot's of love to you. Grandpa Lonnie