November 7, 2010

Paris, chez Mia, Versailles.

ah what a fabulous weekend. c'était super :) Saturday I went to Paris, comme habitude :) and it was pretty rainy so we ate lunch at a sandwich shop to stay warm and dry. I had a croque monsieur (bien sûr), une tartelette chocolat blanc et a fruit crumble (yes, i had two desserts, don't judge haha). it was all delicious. We then went to La Galarie Lafayette to look at the christmas decorations and displays already up. they were absolutely amazing!
and La Galerie Lafayette was so fun to walk through because its all the really top end stores like Chanel and Tiffany and Prada. good window shopping :) That night I spend the night in Antony, at my friend Mia's house. Maria, another exchange student who i love, also stayed over :) it was really fun. We made pizzas and just hung out. It was good to have some girl time. We had some good conversations about how weird language in general is.... hahaha I love them. Then this morning, we woke up really early and Maria's host mom took us to Versailles! There we met up with Jack and Mariana and toured the castle and went to watch this horse show. The castle was absolutely amazing. I wish I could rent it for a week and pretend I was Marie Antoinette with my extravagent dresses and such :). Everything was soooo detailed. it was amazing and since it was the first sunday of the month is was free!!!! good stuff!!!!

I am pretty worn out now thought after the weekend and tomorrow is going to be my first full day of school in over a month haha man better rest up!

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  1. Great weekend Emily! Glad it was nice. Have a nice week!