November 22, 2010

l'hiver arrive...

its getting really really cold over here in France! (but after seeing that its snowing in Twin already I'm glad I am here.) I definitely need to knit another scarf and some hats though! or buy them :) i get chilled to the bone. But hot baths after school help warm me back up. anyway, it was really hard to wake up for school today after a pretty tiring weekend, but i managed. My history teacher was absent today so my class just chilled in the library for an hour. Also, I got back my math homework today and i got an 18,5! whoot whoot! Everyone was jealous :) except, i took a math quiz today and i didn't finish in time so probably not going to get a very good score on that one (not that it matters haha). well, thats about it for the day!!! :)


  1. Emily I hate hearing that you are cold. Do you want me to send you your long underarmor and hat and gloves? Or maybe you should buy it there? Don't go around cold!

    They say there is no such thing as bad weather! Just bad clothing!

    Stay warm!
    love ya

  2. hi em. what does 18,5 mean on math test?