November 19, 2010

rire :)

oh dear. today english class was hilarious... well just for me but still. I was very close to having a laughing attack, but luckily i was able to stop myself... First of all the teacher passed out an excerpt named "One Night Stand". Can you believe that?!?!?! It was really about a one night stand! haha and so you can only imagine how hilarious i was when we got into analysing it and talking about what was happening... When the teacher asked the students what was going on in the text, everyone was trying to put it as appropriate as possible like saying "they were together" or things like that, but she kept saying they were wrong until one student yelled they were "MAKING LOVE!" oh my goodness.. i just lost it. especially with the girl's french accent- it was hilarious. But the prof still didnt thing that was right because love wasnt involved so she just came right out and said they were having sex. It was just so unexpected from a high school English class. I couldn't believe we were really sitting in class talking about one night stands... oh dear. haha and then when trying to pronouce the word "cheating" one girl in my class said "shitting." It was so funny, but of course i was the only one that realized what she said so I was laughing to myself. It might have been the funniest class i've ever had... But still- out of all the texts we could be analysing why this one? who knows... anyway- that was the highlight of my day. Tonight I am staying the night at the Gabelotaud's because early tomorrow morning Milton and I have to take a train to Paris and then we are meeting up with the other exchange students and going to a town called Noyen for the weekend. It should be fun :)
a dimanche!

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  1. OMG that is so funny Emily! I think what happened in that class shows a really big cultural difference.

    Sounds like you will have a fun weekend! I will google Noyen.

    Je t'aime.