November 11, 2010


today patrice, isabelle, and I went to the Thanksgiving store in Paris! it was so funny because I never thought I would be excited to see things like Twizzlers, Reese's, Campbell's soup, Dr. Pepper or Cheerios haha :) it was just to see familiar things i suppose. like taking a little trip back home. Plus I found pretty much all the stuff I'll need for making the thanksgiving dinner so thats a relief. and now i know that if i ever get homesick I can just pop over and buy some Poptarts or Oreos to cheer me up haha.

Today was a good day (mainly because we didn't have school!). I woke up to freshly squeezed orange juice and fresh croissants. I'd say its the perfect way to start a day. It was really rainly all day...actually all week, so after going to the store we just lounged around. It was nice.
Anyway, school tomorrow. Lucky its an easy day for me :) another half day.
well, better rest up!
♥ em

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  1. Hi Honey.. I think it is great you are doing the Thanksgiving dinner for your family. It will be special for them but also very special for you, too. Gandma has loved getting involved in this endeavor with you. It will be great. I would love to be a fly on the wall at your place on Thanksgiving. Go Emily!!! Grandpa Lonnie