November 8, 2010

le lycee---

gah- it was really hard to get myself motivated to get up early and go to school today... after a great weekend and so much vacation school just didn't sound very fun. But it turned out to be alright (a little tiring but what do you expect?) I got back my score for my math control and i got a 16,5- which the other students told me was really good. woot woot- Its so funny here because when we get a paper handed back to us, everyone wants to know what everyone else got. Its not like in the US were you might just ask your neighbor and maybe not even them- here its like yelling at people across the room what they scored. Its like a competition! In math, we started learning derivatives which i love so i'm excited about that. I miss my calculus class and mr. honcheranko and all the other students. it was surprisingly fun. After school I came home and took a little nap because I was exhausted and then I organized all my Thanksgiving notes (thanks gramma net!). I was stressing about finding pumpkin for the pie, so i googled it and found a blog called "Girl cook in Paris" how perfect! she had an entry about making pumpkin pie in France and she mentioned a store in Paris called "Thanksgiving" how perfect right! i checked out their website and they have everything i will need. what a relief :) now all thats left in the most difficult part- shopping, and cooking... oh dear. haha :)
oh random little funny part of day- so there is this commercial here and in it the guy is speaking French with a reallly really really thick american accent. I've only seen it once, but today my friends at school were quoting it and then all of a sudden they turned to me and told me say this phrase that was from the commerical. After only saying two words of the phrase they started cracking up and saying how perfect it was... they made me say it quite a bit after that haha. glad my horrible accent could be useful for something :) even if it is just for laughs haha.
anyway- thats about it!
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  1. This is Gramma....Opps. I sent a can of pumpkin today. It should arrive on Saturday. But if you go to the store, buy some cranberry sauce ( in a can) to go with the turkey. Maybe you can make several pumpkin pies now you know where to buy it!!!!! You also might find a piecrust in the refrigerated/freezer part of the store. Then it will be a snap to make!

  2. Hi Em - faithful follower here. What was the saying that you had to say to the group of kids from the commercial? I want to try to say it not that I'll know if its funny or not. You just left out the saying. Thanks! Auntie Jennie