November 9, 2010

oh, jeudi... haha

oh boy. school today was sooo tiring... im still in vacation mode so trying to get back in the swing of things is difficult. haha.
In my french class we got a ton of new students and my teacher said that she might not have room for me in the class anymore since I don't actually go to the high school that offers the class! Isn't that sad? but today was extra difficult with all the students in the class because it was loud and no one was paying attention and i had a pretty bad headache. Also, today we learned how to conjugate the verb "aller" and when to use "à la, au, à l', et aux" which i already knew so its a little easy for me at the moment... but i guess we will just see how it works out--- i really really really hope i don't have to go back to my original tuesday schedule with 6 hours of economics.... j'ai peur! Anyway, when i got home i took a little nap which was helpful... and tonight was the finale of desperate housewives in french so I watched that too. Well, I need sleep :) goodnight!

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