November 21, 2010


I had another Rotary trip this weekend- this time to Noyon, north east of Paris. It was fun :) Saturday we caught the train to Noyon, toured an extremely old cathedral, learned a dance thing we had to do that night at a Rotary Gala and walked around Noyon a bit. That night we had to work at a huge Rotary fund-raising gala; selling champagne and raffle tickets, talking about our exchange and country, taking coats, and other random jobs. It lasted until 3am!!!! but thats normal for French parties haha. The Rotarian in charge of the gala brought all of us exchange students bottles of champagne to share, which was funny since we were at an actual Rotary event. But even though it was super super tiring and my feet hurt from walking around all night, it was still fun :) (I took a little nap in the coat-check closet at like 11:30 which made staying up til 3am more managable haha) Also, when I talked with guests at the event they told me my French was really good so I was soooo happy! It was really nice to hear. I can tell I'm making a lot of progress and I can only imagine how much more I am going to make in the next 7 months! Anyway, after the gala we all stayed with host families in Noyon. My family was soooooo nice! and their house was beautiful. When we got home it was really late, but they kept the party going haha. We stayed up another hour talking with them and listening to Mamma Mia songs while they had some more champagne haha :) The this morning, we woke up at like 9ish and had breakfast with the family. During breakfast the dad brough down his laptop and we all (there were 3 of us staying there) showed him where we lived on Google Earth. It was fun. It was really nice because they seemed genuinely interested in us.

After breakfast we met back up with all the exchange students and we went and toured Chateau Pierrefonds. It was beautiful!!!! I couldnt believe it. It was just in a town. Imagine looking out your window and seeing a huge castle haha. It was really cool. Then after our tour we had a really long lunch and then took the train back home. It was a really nice weekend. I love the other exchange students :)

well, back to my routine tomorrow!


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  1. what a great photo! just another castle?!? nice! I love castles so much!