November 18, 2010

le bac et l'anglais...

so i would just like everyone to know that passed one section of the bac today :D well, it was the sports part so it had nothing to do with brains but i still feel cool anyway :) It was a really good day- not for any reason in particuliar, but it just was. Lots of laughs. I like my class- they are really nice and funny. Oh today in english class the teacher asked me to read a fairly long passage outloud so the class could hear my accent and the intonation i use. She always stressing the fact that when reading english you must change pitch and tone and i had no idea why until today- My friends told me that when reading outloud they always speak in a monotone! Its that funny? I asked even if they were reading something with dialogue or exclamation points and yupp same tone no matter what. I found that very very interesting. No wonder they thought it was cool when i read haha. it must be so different to hear! Oh when i was reading the passage i made two mistakes (i said "looked" instead of "looks" and i can't remember what the other was) and my teacher had to correct me. i said "je n'arrive pas lire en anglais!" (i can't read in english anymore!) and everyone laughed haha. but really, its hard to go from speaking french all the time and then reading english outloud! of course i still can but my brain has to switch gears and thats the hardest part. Good thing the students just listen to hear my accent and that doesnt take any work :) But my bad english today, my french was pretty good :) i noticed that i have starting talking more with everyone and im not self concious because i know that if i dont try i wont learn! I love speaking french :) even when its super frustrating i still love it.
miss you all!


  1. this same phenomenon is happening to jean tharotte!

  2. so fun Emily to hear about your classes. I bet you are very popular. For sure! The girls have off this week. They are excited to sleeeeeeppppp.

    Love you tons. Its going to be cold and rainy/snowy in the forecast today. There is a BSU game (sorry) tonight that your Uncle Steve is been working on his tailgate all week. He really looks forward to that all week.
    xoxoxoxooxoxoxooxoxoxo Auntie Jen