August 29, 2010

My first Sunday

Today was a really laid-back day. It was nice! For breakfast I had a croissant with Nutella (which I absolutely love!) and orange juice. Then after i got ready, my family and I went a bike ride :) it was so fun! there is a lake really really close to our house and so we rode our bikes on a path that goes around it. There were a lot of people canoeing, kayaking, sailing (Dad and John, you would love it!), and wind surfing. It would be a great path for running too, if I'm craving exercise. Its really windy here and only about 60 degrees but it still felt good to get out and enjoy nature :) I learned that I start school on thursday, well I get my schedule and meet my teachers but then classes don't actually start until monday. Im so scared!!! I've never had to go to a new school before haha. But it will be really fun to meet other teenagers :) even if I can't understand them!!!! Also, today I found all of my family's Disney movies which is so cool because they are all in French! When my host parents are working and Amandine is riding horses those will be a fun way to pass the time and to learn more French :) Okay, well I am off to bed!

Grosses bises!


  1. Hi Em - Its me again. What a wonderful day you had! Can't wait to see your families house and where you stay. Hint Hint. xoxox Auntie Jennie

    Do you think I'm a creeper? Oh well too bad if you do...ha ha.

  2. Hi Emily

    Thanks for posting this! We are so happy to read it.

  3. i love ur bloggy blog. I wouldn't mind if you posted like 8 a day....