December 2, 2010


I started the badminton section in my sports class :) haha its amusing. Although I noticed that the students here take PE classes a lot more seriously since they arent graded by participation like in the US. They get tested on their skill in the sport! So here i am just doing it for fun while the rest of the class is worried about their technique and such haha. That's probably why I am the worst in the group at it. hahahaha :) but thats okay! I enjoy it :)
Also, in english class I started doing the exercises in French because doing them in english is a little bit pointless... so today I had to write a few paragraphs on the question "Do you think rich people are lucky?" I was so proud of myself for being able to do it in French. Even though I know it was probably elementary school writing and had a lot of mistakes, I think its good for me to try and write in French even if its not perfect. If I don't try I won't learn, right?
After school, I took a hot bath since I was freezing all day (!!!) and then just hung out around the house. My school day tomorrow is super awesome--- I only have 3 hours of classes and 2 of those hours are Calligraphie :) oh how I love not having substitutes here.
anyway, off to bed!

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