December 7, 2010

Let it snow♥

It snowed quite a bit today, but it has pretty much all melted by now. This afternoon though the snowflakes were huge! I have never seen snowflakes that big before- even in McCall. It was crazy. I guess its not normal for it to snow that much here and especially not this early. Anyway, today was a good day :) which was surprising because it was a tuesday haha. But this afternoon the photographer who did a presentation for us a few weeks ago, came back and took portraits of all of kids in my French class. We also all had to bring in a photo of us when we were little to put next to the recent portrait. I think its going to turn out really cool. We are also each going to write something about ourselves to add to the project. I'm excited to see how it turns out. Also, big accomplishment on my part--- I finished the first Harry Potter in French! :) I know that it isnt that surprising that i understood it since i have already read it in english, but still I had forgotton a lot of parts in the book and i still understood those parts :) so yea im proud of myself. On to the next one!
It was a little weird today because I left for school in the morning when it was still dark outside and then when i was done with school it was dark outside... not too fond of the super long school days, but i got a little treat on the bus ride home because the town square of Vaires was all decorated and light up. There was a huge christmas tree all light up and a bunch of other little Noel displays around. I loved it. I love this time of year! Even though I can't believe its already this time of year. wow.
well, thats all for now!

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