December 5, 2010

surprise party & rotary rendez-vous

It was a good weekend :) Saturday night a bunch of my friends met up in Antony for Mia's surprise birthday party that her host parents threw for her. It was soooo fun :) she was at gymnastics when we got there so we decorated the house really quick and then surprised her! she got a little teary-eyed and was speechless. It was perfect. I think it really meant a lot to her that her family did that for it. Then we all stayed the night at her house. We played a game called "Times Up" it was really fun and challenging because we played it in French. There are a bunch of words written on scraps of paper in a bowl and we are split up into teams. The first round its like Taboo... You try to describe as many words in the bowl as you can in 30 seconds for your partner to guess without saying any part of the word. The second round you can only say one word to describe and the third round is acting it out like charades. Hard in French, but still super funny.
Aujourd'hui, we had a Rotary get together with all the French students who want to go on exchanges next year. Each country had to do a little presentation and then we talked with the families and students, answering any questions they had about exchanges. I was really proud of my french today :) I was able to answer a lot of questions! yayyyy!
donc, voila :)
xoxoxo emily

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