December 1, 2010

la neige.

we finally got snow here in Vaires. I loved looking outside my window and seeing all the houses and trees covered with a thin layer. Its starting to feel like the holidays already! i can't believe its already december. crazy... I not a huge fan of the cold, but I do love wearing the scarves, hats and gloves and drinking hot tea or chocolate! :)
Today at rock climbing we had a mini competition between the 4 of us that showed up and I got 2nd :) haha woohoo. 1st first the girls (seeing as I was the only one... but ill still count it hah)
In other news I lost my phone..... story of my life :( this morning when I was getting on the bus the driver told me that I dropped something, but when I looked down I didnt see anything so I just thought I missunderstood... turns out i didnt. I think my phone fell out of my backpack into the snow when i was getting out my card to get on the bus... Wish I would have taken more time to look around this morning when the driver told me that! next time I won't second guess my comprehension skills haha.
well, bonne nuit!!!
p.s. sorry im not posting everyday anymore. I just feel really repeatitive now that I am getting into a routine and I don't like how every post says school was fine today... yada yada yada. haha :) i'm doing you guys a favor and saving you from boring entries!


  1. Winter is here too. We got 7 inches this morning!!! Grampa did our driveway twice. Sorry about your phone. I think it will be okay to do your comments randomly altho I'll miss the connection daily. I love you. G-ma

  2. So far your blog has been anything but boring but I totally understand not doing it daily. You may want to try to write in your journal daily though so that you remember every last bit of your exchange. It will go so fast Emily! Enjoy every minute and look for things to appreciate every day!