December 14, 2010

'Tis the season....

C'est presque Noel!!! :) yay! I cannot believe it! I've definitely been getting in the holiday spirit by playing tons of christmas music!!! love it. Oh, and I found out that the names of Santa's reindeer are not common knowledge here. hahaha i was curious to see if they had French names instead, but the Lasserres' said that they had never heard that the reindeer are named :) we ended up looking it up on the internet and French names exist but no one ever knows them.
Anyway, last Sunday we decorated the house for Christmas! I loved it. I just loooooove Noel. And then today at school was the famous Christmas Dinner at the cafeteria. It was interesting hahaha. I tried foie gras! I was really scared to try it, but it turned out to be not too bad. I think that the foie gras we are going to eat for Christmas will be even better since its not cafeteria food hah. Also, in my French class we had a little Christmas party :) We listened to music and ate and decorated the room. It was fun and reminded me of elementary christmas parties. Rotary has pre-warned all of us that Christmas is the hardest time for exchange students because the holidays are about being with family and its when the homesickness really kicks in, but so far i am doing really well ! :) I truely am loving France. Of course I miss everyone and its a little surreal that I won't be home for Christmas ( i don't know what i am going to do without Gramma Joan's gumdrop bars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or mom's sausage ring!!!!!!!!!!!!), but I am really looking forward to experiencing a different country's Christmas! It will be really interesting to see the different traditions.
Bon... C'est tout :)


  1. Good attitude Emily because not everyone gets to experience a French Christmas season. You will carry that feeling of France with you, your whole life. How wonderful.

    people in TF keep asking me if you are enjoy the holiday season in France and I say YES!

    you are one lucky girl. . . we miss you tho!