December 12, 2010

what a great weekend :)

Another saturday spent in Paris :) its becoming a ritual now... but why not, right? anyway, a bunch of us Rotary kids were going to go ice skating the Eiffel Tower (yea, there is totally an iceskating rink on the 2nd story of the eiffel tour! how awesome right?) but unfortunetly it doesnt open until the 15th of december, so another day :) Instead, we visited the christmas market on the Champs-Elysees and then the one in front of la Tour Eiffel. I love christmas markets now! Sooo much yummy food and goodies. It was a really long day on our feet though haha. The best day of my part (still love this, fam..) was seeing the Eiffel Tower all light up and also twinkling! It was absolutely magical. At night, for 5 minutes on the hour it twinkles. So pretty......

That night after Paris, I went to Aurelien's 18th birthday party (my host brother in my 2nd family).
It was fun :) I got to meet his friends who were all really nice and actually talked to me! haha.

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