December 20, 2010

le foie gras.

I wish I could say that today i made foie gras, but that wasnt exactly the case haha. Today, Patrice and I went to the Gabelotaud's house for a lesson in making foie gras ( foie gras is a really famous French christmas dish involving the duck liver. its very similar to pâté). I started off making some, but got a little grossed out by working with the liver so Patrice finished the job. (notice how i haven't used "haha" yet.... seeing as i have been getting complaints...... thanks mom and katie....) Anyway, it was really interesting how it is made. Foie gras isn't my favorite dish I have tried but its not bad... I'm just not a big fan of pâté.
Anyway, i have a full few days ahead of me including a Lady Gaga concert and ice skating on la tour Eiffel!!!! so excited.
grosses bisouses,

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