December 9, 2010

Lille pour le marché noël + snow day!

Yesterday, Rotary took us all to Lille (a city in northern France) to visit a marché noël (christmas market). It was so much fun! It really got me into the christmas spirit. Christmas markets are really common in France. They are like a little flea market, but all christmas stuff like decorations, food, and presents. There were so many delicious pasteries and yummy hot drinks. I tried so many different things haha. When in France..... right? I also bought some really cool wool socks and mittens. :) they will come in a lot of handy I think. We had the whole day to do what we shopped a lot and rode this really big x-mas ferris wheel. It was so cool! We were able to see all of Lille. It was a perfect day. Much better than going to school :)

There wasn't any snow in Lille, but when we got back to Paris there was a lot! Tons of trains were stopped and so it was a little difficult to get back home, but I made it :) I walked home from the gare in the snow and it was so peaceful with the snow and the pretty lights. I love snow. Anyway, today we had a snow day (well, school wasn't canceled, but the buses werent working so most people stayed home. )! It was really really nice outside. Sunny, but with snow so I went and played in the snow with my friends who live in neighborhood. We went to the park right behind my house and had a snowball fight, made snow angels, and went sledding. It was so nice :) I felt like a little kid again getting exciting for the snow.

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  1. so glad to see you dressed warmly in the cold weather Emily!

    Glad you got to see Lille! Was it charming? I bet Europe at Christmas time is wonderful! Lucky you!
    I saw Eleanor Lanigan at the store yesterday and she sends you her well wishes!