January 9, 2011


well this is my 100th blog post from France! i am such a faithful little blogger ;)
today i had a district rotary meeting with all the other exchange students and with all the new french students who want to go on exchange next year. We didn't actually do anything except talk to the newbies and the parents a little bit. It wasn't that exciting, but I still love hanging out with everyone. funny story--- so I was not having one of my best "speaking french" days and i was eating lunch with jack and lucia and then about 6 french students and after making about a 100 mistakes in french i said "ahh aujoud'hui c'est un mauvais DAY pour mon francais..." meaning ( today is a bad day for my french) but i actually say day instead of jour!!! oh gotta love my franglais....
well, I am really tired after long rotary day. luckily i start at 10am tomorrow because my french prof is going to be gone!

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