January 22, 2011

paris and then not dinner and a movie, but a movie and dinner...

Today I went to Paris with Mariana :) it was cold and rainy so we decided to go to Le Louvre. Even if I visited Le Louvre everyday while I was here I'm almost positive I still wouldn't see everything. Its amazing, but a bit hard on the feet! Walking and walking. We got lost while trying to find the sortie and ended up going in circles for a bit. It was pretty funny. After the museum we just sort of wandered around the quartier and then later stopped in a patisserie for a snack. Oh goodness, at the louvre mariana and I asked this couple to take a picture and the couple answered us in english so mariana asked where they were from and they said Arizona. I told them I was from Idaho and we talked for a bit... Let me just tell you that this was soooooo hard! I never ever ever thought I would have to concentrate whilespeaking english, but today I learned I was mistaken. It was really weird. I would accidentally switch back to french and have to correct myself. I had to apologize to them and say that I have been in french mode for awhile so its weird for me to speak english now. i really don't know why it was hard today because when I skype my family its easy haha. and sorry everyone, but right now I do NOT like our accent. Its not pretty... I think when I come home I am only going to speak french because I love it! hahahaha :D

Anyway, after our trip to Paris, I went to the movies with Isabelle, her sister, and parents. We watched the new movie with Matt Damon "Au-delà " or "Hereafter." It was good, sad in parts but pretty good.
After the movie (which got over at 9pm) we went to Isabelle's parents' house for a crepe dinner :) it was yummy! I thought I was so funny that we didn't do dinner and a movie, but a movie and then dinner. In the states if our movie started at 7 there is no way we would wait until after to eat dinner! It was fun because it was such a french thing to do.
well, i'm off to bed!


  1. Hi Honey. I would fit right in because I love to do a movie first and then dinner. Interesting comment on our Idaho accent. Hope the crepe's are not building up too much. I envy your cuisine!!! Grandpa Lonnie

  2. P.S. I loved Hereafter, too and if you get a chance make sure you see Matt Damon and Jeff Bridges in True Grit, an excellent film. Grandpa Lonnie