January 16, 2011

SOLDES et Noel encore!!!

Gahh, (what is really funny is that i just started writing this blog entry in french without thinking haha...) Wednesday in French was the start of the winter sales!!!! Meaning that pretty much all the stores discounted their winter collections. So yesterday I went to La Defense, Forum Les Halles, et Le Champs-Eylsees to check them out. It was a LOOOOOONG day of shopping and I didn't find that much, but it was still an experience :) The sales will last until February, but by then everything is pretty much gone. After the long day of shopping the Lasserres had another Christmas party, this time with their friends the famille G-A-L-P-I-N ;) et Philippon. It was fun :) I got more presents too! I got a box of ferrero rochers and an silver necklace engraved "la vie est belle" :) it was so thoughful!
This afternoon I am going to Paris to take advantage of this beautiful day!!! it is around 50 degrees here! doesnt feel like january at all....

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  1. Did you take any pictures? I am sure that by now, shopping in Paris is "old hat" for you----but not to us here in Idaho!

    any photos of your day or purchases would be appreciated!