January 6, 2011

chez le medecin.

Well, 2011 is going pretty well. School has started back up, so I'm back into my routine!

yesterday was sad because i had to say bye to Emily from New Zealand since she leaves this friday! She got here last January since she is from the southern hemisphere and their school years are the opposite of ours. It really got be thinking about how fast my exchange has gone!!!! When i met her she had the same amout of months left as i do now! and these last few months have FLOWN by. I am doing my best to stay in the moment so that i can get everything I possibly can from my exchange.
Today was a crazy day. I didnt go to school because I had a doctors appointment in this town just next to Paris in order to get my Visa validated or something like that. I was excited at first because i didnt have to go to school, but i think i would have rather gone than do what i did. First of all, it was rainy and windy and the directions that i printed off the night before were NOT AT ALL helpful... I'm sure it was hilarious for the other people to see this lost, helpless american wondering the streets trying to find the right building carrying a huge copy of her lung X-RAY. I had to ask 5 different people for directions. Finally, after walking through this really yucky neighborhood I found the office i was looking for. The first doctor that saw me was not nice at all. He was just say "stand there" "go there" "sit there" "give me your papers" "do this" and he was talking really fast, so once i had to ask him to repeat and he just sighed and acted like i was a complete waste of time. soo frustrating. After the rude doctor I had to wait a little while and then was taken to another doctor who was MUCH nicer. At first he asked what language I wanted him to talk in and i said french, but he started speaking a mixture of french and english which was super confusing. I understood his french better than his english and I think he caught onto that because by the end he was speaking only in French. thankfully haha. He asked me lots of questions about Idaho and the USA which was nice.
After him I had to wait forever inorder to get my Visa stamp saying I was healthy haha. The lady that helped me with that started out speaking French, but then saw my passport and started speaking really broken English with a few French words. example "you take your carnet avec you." I actually had to tell "Vous pouvez parler en francais si vous voulez." meaning You can speak in French if you would like!

When i was finished i walked out of the building and what did i find only ONE block away? the metro of course! oh dear. the internet had given me the wrong metro stop which led to a lot of confusion that morning... but its all good now! counting my transportation and appointment it took me 4 hours... it was tiring.
tonight i have a rotary club meeting! hope i can stay awake :)

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  1. adventure I guess, Emily! wow what a day. thinking of you! Glad it turned out fine.