January 16, 2011

sunny afternoons in Paris :)

2 posts in one day... you're welcome :)
Today in Paris it was 50 degrees with lots of sun. It was amazing. Its hard to believe its january when it feels like april.... but I'm not complaining! I spent the afternoon with Mia. We went shopping a little bit more, then ate a picnic lunch by the Seine (literally on steps that led directly to the water!) and then we went to the Promenade Plantée which is a 2.8 mile pathway with trees and benches and flowers (well not so much during winter), but the coolest part is that it is on TOP of buildings!!! It used to be a track for trains, but was tranformed into a neat park type thing. It was awesome. We will definitely have to go back in the spring when everything is in bloom also because I forgot my camera this time around... but wow it was such a perfect little afternoon. Also, I found a nice coat today for only 20 euros!!! I was so excited :) I love the soldes!!!!
well, that's all folks!

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  1. OMGGGGG 50° its so varm !!!!! I have like -20 here i want to come back in Paris for the sun !!!