January 8, 2011

la galette, Le cimetière du Père-Lachaise, and other french things :)

I just got home from a nice fondue dinner with the Gabelotauds :) I am very lucky that I already know my 2nd host family well so the transition won't be too hard. During the day I visited le cimetière du Père-Lachaise in Paris with my friends. We saw the graves of Moliere, Jim Morrison, Oscar Wilde, Frederic Chopin, et Edith Piaf. It was cool to see the graves of all these famous people and it was even more interesting to see what the graves looked like. For example, Moliere and Chopin and Edith were very classical.... Jim Morrison's on the other hand had tons of flowers, but also bottles of alcohol and cigarette butts and The Doors albums... very rock and roll...And then Oscar Wilde's was covered with red kiss marks.... so we all just had to add to it! haha thats what being a tourist is all about! kissing filthy tombstones...:)

It was another great visit to Paris :)
Another this that has been going on this week that I have failed to mention is La Galette! In January a French tradition is eating la galette which is a really really yummy almondy cake. Inside the cake there is a little trinket and whoever finds the trinket in their piece of cake is the king or queen for the day and gets to wear a crown. Its a little bit like what we sometimes do for christmas eve with the rice pudding and the almond. Its really fun and the cake is soooo good. Plus, I won! by only cheating a bit ..... :) no, but its a really fun little french tradition.
Anyway, il faut que j'y aille parce je dois me reveiller tot demain...

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  1. wish I could have gone with you and Jack! another fun day in Paris!

    galette sounds wonderful. i love almond cake!